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Bird House Wallpaper Border

gallery has a collection of birds and their homes put together for the bird lover in your family. Decorate with Birdhouse Wallpaper Borders featuring natures colorful song birds and the unique style of bird houses.
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Note...All patterns show full repeat!
All wallpaper borders are 15 feet long unless otherwise specified.

All border samples are 10-12 inches long. Price $2.50 includes shipping.
All Wallpaper priced per double roll bolt
All mural sizes are specified on the order page
Note....Color may vary from monitor to monitor
Click on any item below for details and ordering.

birdhouses wallpaper border
$15.99 Birdhouses.

Four different birdhouses in shades of green, rusty red, white and birch. Bottom edge is die cut.
duck wallpaper border
$15.99 Framed Ducks Border.

A variety of colorful ducks in frames.
sparrows wallpaper border
$15.99 Sparrows.

Sweet little sparrows perched on pussy willow branches. Beige, green and blue background with dark blue edges.
turkeys in the wood wallpaper border
$15.99 Turkeys in the woods.

Hauteman Bros. print of a wild flock of turkeys in green, black, brown, blue, red, white and gray.
golden finch wallpaper border
$16.99 Golden Finch.

Five pictures showing beautiful birds, trees and flowers. Background is a weathered wood with black edges.
golden finch beige wallpaper border
$16.99 Golden Finch-Beige.

Birds among trees, flowers and stumps. Background is beige weathered wood; edges are light brown.
birdcage wallpaper border
$15.99 Birdcages.

Birdcages surrounded by a variety of flowers.
seeds of love wallpaper border
$15.99 Seeds of Love.

A shelf full of plants, seeds, gardening equipment & birdhouses.
birdhouses wallpaper border
$15.99 Birds & Birdhouses.

Wallpaper Border with Birdhouses in green, blue, red & gold with morning glories vining across the bottom. Blue sky background, top and bottom are die cut.
hummingbirds-green edges wallpaper border
$16.99 Hummingbirds.

Wallpaper Border with Seven hummingbirds flit among the flowers. Background is a pale green, trim is a dark green.
home sweet home wallpaper border
$16.99 Home Sweet Home.

Birdhouses and flowers in vases in shades of aqua white brown and black. Edges are a light tan.
songbirds wallpaper border
$16.99 Songbirds.

Wallpaper Border with Lovely little creatures are perched on apple blossom branches. Background is blue with darker blue trim.
birds & leaves wallpaper border
$15.99 Birds & Leaves.

Wallpaper Border with An elegant depiction of birds & leaves in shaped blocks of brown, beige, charcoal & taupe. Trim is brown.
in the garden-green edges wallpaper border
$15.99 In the garden.

Wallpaper Border with Birdhouses and unusual planters in the garden. Off white background with dark green trim.
in the garden-brown edges wallpaper border
$15.99 In the garden.

Wallpaper Border with Birdhouses and unusual planters in the garden. Cream background with dark brown trim.
birds & flowers wallpaper border
$15.99 Birds and Flowers.

Wallpaper Border with Birds, butterflies and flowers all in shades of purple, dark pink, green and beige on a black background. Trim is purple
songbird menagerie wallpaper border
$16.99 Songbird Menagerie.

Wallpaper Border with Thirteen different birds sit atop a wooden fence. Top trim is a light blue, bottom trim is dark green.
hummingbirds-light blue edges wallpaper border
$16.99 Hummingbirds.

Wallpaper Border with Seven hummingbirds flit among the flowers. Background is a pale green, trim is a light blue.
all about gardening wallpaper border
$15.99 All about gardening.

Wallpaper Border with Birds, bird houses, flowers, fruit, watering can, trowel, gloves, pump and hat on a cream background. Dark blue trim.
gardening necessities wallpaper border
$15.99 Gardening Necessities.

A variety of gardening materials featuring a birdhouse, seed packets, a watering can and much more. Green Trim
patriotic welcome wallpaper border
$15.99 Patriotic Welcome.

Wallpaper Border with A variety of American Flag birdhouses tied together to spell out the word Welcome. Blue background.
birds of all sorts wallpaper border
$15.99 Birds of all Sorts.

Wallpaper Border with A variety of birds eating bird seed off the ground. Green Trim
colorful birdhouses wallpaper border
$15.99 Colorful Birdhouses

Wallpaper Border with A variety of birdhouses in multiple colors. Beige background with a navy blue trim.
beautiful birds wallpaper border
$15.99 Beautiful birds.

Cardinals, blue jays and more. Green over white trim.
bald eagles wallpaper border
$15.99 Bald Eagles-Green.

Wallpaper Border with Two American Bald Eagles soaring through the sunlight seeping through the trees. Green trim.
birdhouses wallpaper border
$15.99 Birdhouses.

Wallpaper Border with A variety of hanging birdhouses

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