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with Roses, Sunflowers, Hydrangeas, Daisies, Tulips and more. These are very colorful Flower Wallpaper Border Designs.
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Note...All patterns show full repeat!
All wallpaper borders are 15 feet long unless otherwise specified.

All Wallpaper priced per double roll bolt
All mural sizes are specified on the order page
Note....Color may vary from monitor to monitor
Click on any item below for details and ordering.

pink hydrangea wallpaper border
$15.99 Pink Hydrangea.

Hydrangea in shades of beige, pink and white. Burgundy background and edges.
blue hydrangeas wallpaper border
$15.99 Blue Hydrangeas.

Hydrangea in shades of blue and white. Beige background with blue edges.
purple hydrangeas wallpaper border
$15.99 Purple Hydrangeas.

Hydrangea in shades of purple, violet and white. Background is cream with green edges.

$15.99 Gold & Red Vines.

Flowering vines in a muted gold against a soft red and gold background. Edges are red with gold scroll work.

$15.99 Magnolia.

Magnolias in a soft white pink with bright green leaves on a deep burgundy background.

$15.50 Apple Blossoms.

Branches of fading apple blossoms on a beige background. Edges are brown.

$12.50 Planter Garden.

Wallpaper Border with Old kitchen items used to create a planter garden. Top & bottom edges are a light blue.

$15.99 Magnolia.

Wallpaper Border with Pink magnolias and green leaves on a taupe background. Top edge is blue lattice with olive green trim. Bottom edge is die cut.

$15.99 Summer's Bounty.

Baskets full of flowers, apples, pears and grapes hang from a blue wooden shelf. Background is bright white, bottom edge is die cut.

$9.50 Pink Daisies.

Wallpaper Border with Soft pink daisies pop against a bright green background. Edges are a deep pink.

$15.99 Summer Flowers.

Wallpaper Border with Pink, yellow, blue, red and orange flowers on a bright white background with red trim.

$15.99 Metallic Floral.

Wallpaper Border with This border has a gold metallic look with a pattern of soft flowers, vines and scrollwork.

$15.50 Quilt Pattern.

Pale pink, green, beige and blue make up this patchwork quilt design.

$12.50 Tin Hearts.

Wallpaper Border with Metal hearts hang against a light green and off white background. Light pink flowering vines wind through the pattern.

$14.99 Daisies.

Wallpaper Border with Circles and Daisies in white and lime green on a soft lavender background.

$13.99 Floral Border.

Wallpaper Border with Yellow & blue flowers trail along a white background. Top edge is blue, bottom edge is die cut.

$13.50 Rope of Roses.

Wallpaper Border with Flowing rope of roses with dark and light sage leaves. Top edge is dark sage while the bottom is die cut.

$13.50 Burgundy Floral.

Wallpaper Border with A variety of flowers in shades of teal, burgundy, pale yellow & green on this scalloped border
soft pink magnolia wallpaper border

This pattern has been discontinued. Only 2 left in stock.

$13.50 Floral Wreath.

Wallpaper Border with Wreaths hanging from pegs in shades of blue, teal, lavender & sage. Top edge is blue, bottom edge is die cut.

$13.50 Floral Wreaths.

Wallpaper Border with Floral wreaths in shades of lavender, plum, teal, blue and sage. Top edge is plum, bottom edge is die cut.

$13.50 Muted Floral.

Wallpaper Border with Flowers in muted shades of pink, purple, beige and green run along architectural details. Background is cream with a sculptured bottom.

$14.50 White Magnolia.

Wallpaper Border with Soft white magnolias with dark green leaves on a cream background. Bottom edge is sculptured.

$9.50 Soft Florals.

Wallpaper Border with Bouquets of soft lavender and blue flowers on a beige background with darker purple edges.

$12.50 Bright & Traditional.

Wallpaper Border with Flowers in bold bright pink white & yellow on a olive green background. Traditional molding runs across the top while the bottom is sculptured.

$15.50 Pastel Retro.

Wallpaper Border with Fluffy flowers on a white background all in pastel shades of pink, green and lavender. Covered with glitter. Wallpaper Border with

$15.50 Retro Floral.

Wallpaper Border with Bright shades of pink, lime green, orange and brown on a white background with pink edges.

$15.50 Flower Child.

Wallpaper Border with Retro flower border in shades of pink, lime and aqua on a pink background. Light pink trim.

$12.50 Hydrangea, Peonies & Lila

c. Flowers in white, blue, red, lilac, pink and green on a light gold background. Top edge is dark gold while bottom is sculptured.

$15.99 Flowing Flowers.

Wallpaper Border with Beautiful array of flowers in red, white, peach and sage. Bottom is sculptured.

$12.99 Pansies Galore.

Wallpaper Border with Beautiful pansies in all colors, border has a crackled look. Edges are green.

$12.50 Variety of Flowers.

Wallpaper Border with Flowers in red, orange, blue, yellow and pink. Edges are green.
ivy wallpaper border
$15.99 Classic Ivy

Wallpaper Border with Ivy and vine going through border on a white background.

$15.99 Silk Flowers

Wallpaper Border with A light reflective variety of flowers with green background & sculptured bottom.

$12.50 Vines & Roses

Wallpaper Border with A winding rope of roses in lavender & plum in a light reflective look. Background is black bottom is die cut.

$15.99 Watercolor Look

Wallpaper Border with Wild flowers with butterflies, horseflies & bees on a white silk background. Edges are blue.

$12.50 Rusty Red Flowers

Wallpaper Border with Flowing red flowers with a gold outline. Background is green, bottom is die cut.


This pattern has been discontinued. Only 1 left in stock.

$15.99 Contemporary Daisies.

Wallpaper Border with Sculptured top and bottom outlined in black. Daisies outlined in red and beige.

$15.99 Plum Flowers.

Wallpaper Border with Border has a die cut bottom with a beige background.

$15.99 Array of Summer Flowers.

Summer Flowers in lavender, purple, pink & white. Background is sage green top trim is pink. Bottom is die cut.

$15.99 Soft White Flowers.

Wallpaper Border with Beautiful border has a variety of vases holding white flowers in blocks. Aquas and browns make up the background while trim is charcoal.

$12.50 Soft Floral.

Wallpaper Border with Slate blue background with soft blue & white silk flowers having a rope of gold silk leaves. Top edge is gold, bottom is die cut.

$12.50 Floral Pattern.

Wallpaper Border with Delightful baskets of flowers in gold, rose and purple. Green background and beige scroll. Bottom is sculptured.

$12.50 Summer Flowers & Fruit.

Wallpaper Border with Containers holding beautiful summer flowers with in season fruit rests on a blue shelf. Background has shades of beige.

$15.99 Floral Quilt.

Roses in quilt, colors are pinks, greens, maroon and a light beige. trim is a light green.
birds & flowers wallpaper border
$15.99 Birds and Flowers.

Wallpaper Border with Birds, butterflies and flowers all in shades of purple, dark pink, green and beige on a black background. Trim is purple

$15.99 Patchwork Design.

Wallpaper Border with Patchwork of different patterns, roses, musical notes and phrases. Trim is a light maroon.

$13.50 Floral Design.

Wallpaper Border with A floral pattern and cupids are imprinted on this border in varying shades of plum. Vining flowers in blue, white andgrenn run through the middle. Bottom edge is die cut.


This pattern has been discontinued. Only 2 left in stock.

$12.50 Vining Roses.

Wallpaper Border with Light and dark pink roses on a pale yellow background with gray scroll design at the top. Bottom is die cut.

$12.99 Hanging Floral Baskets.

Baskets of roses, morning glory and daisies hanging from a iron shelf. Pale yellow background. Bottom is die cut.

$15.99 Irises on Black.

Wallpaper Border with Pink and gold Irises with olive green leaves on a black background. Olive green stripe at top. Black edge, sculptured bottom.

$12.50 Magnolias.

Wallpaper Border with Pink magnolias with multi-shades of green leaves on a black background. Top is gold scroll, bottom is sculptured.

$12.50 Hanging Flower Baskets

Hanging baskets with sunflowers, pansies and hydrangeas. Caramel background, sculptured bottom.


This pattern has been discontinued. Only 3 left in stock.

$13.50 Blue Violets

Wallpaper Border with Violets in shades of light and dark blue.Blue background with dark blue trim.

$15.99 Pastel Roses.

Wallpaper Border with Dark Pink and bronze roses on a yellow and gold background. Sculptured bottom.
floral collage wallpaper border
$12.99 Floral Collage

Wallpaper Border with a beautiful collage of flowers with red trim.
botanical leaves wallpaper border
$14.99 Botanical Leaves

Wallpaper Border with a variety of leaves in sage green and lavender on a beige background.

$14.99 Floral.

Wallpaper Border with A beautiful arrangement of flowers. This border is sculpted at the bottom with red trim at the top.

$13.50 Floral.

Wallpaper Border with A beautiful arrangement of flowers with vines and scrolls on a navy blue background with gold trim.

$13.99 Floral W

allpaper Border with a collage of flowers on a green wood shelf.

$15.99 Floral

Wallpaper Border with Floral design on a light reflective border, with a sculpted edge.

$12.50 Reflective Floral

Wallpaper Border with light reflective blue berries on vines, yellow flowers and blue ribbons. Off-white background with blue stripe along top and bottom trim. Trim is off-white.

$14.99 Vining Floral

Wallpaper Border with Light reflective lavender flowers on green and gold vines. Very light beige background. Multi-design gold trim.

$14.99 Flowering Vine

Wallpaper Border with vining lavender flowers on an extremely light beige background. Lavender trim. Border is light reflective silk.

$14.99 Hanging Baskets

a variety of baskets with flowers, a pail with berries and a county bag hanging from hooks on off-white weathered wood.

$12.50 Hanging Baskets

a variety of baskets featuring flowers, a pail with berries and a country bag hanging from hooks on green weathered wood.

$12.50 Hanging Baskets

a variety of baskets featuring flowers, a pail with berries and a country bag hanging from hooks on red weathered wood.

$14.99 Hanging Flowers

Wallpaper Border with Peach roses, pink roses and blue morning glories in hanging iron and clay baskets. Off-white background. Sculptured bottom. Top trim is weathered iron.

$14.99 Raymond Waites Classic

Wallpaper Border with Excellent work by Mr. Waites in this soft design depicting flowers and leaves in shades of beige.

$14.99 Potted Flowers

Wallpaper Border with Framed flowers of reds and yellow in beautiful pots. Each framed pot has background of light and dark shades of beige. Overall background is off-white with a blank leaf design. Black Trim

$14.99 Beautiful Hydrangeas

Wallpaper Border with Lavender, pink and white hydrangeas on a crackled beige background. Lavender Trim.

$14.99 Hanging Daylilies

Wallpaper Border with Beautiful bouquets of Daylilies hanging from a wood branch top trim. Red linen background. Bottom is sculptured.

$15.99 Contemporary Daisies

Wallpaper Border with multi colored flowers on a chocolate brown background. All green lined areas have a light reflective glitter sparkle. Pink Coral Trim

$12.50 Silk Roses

Wallpaper Border with Light reflective Roses on a linen look and feel deep burgundy background. Sculptured on bottom with a sage green top trim.

$14.99 Silk Magnolias

Wallpaper Border with Light reflective Magnolias on a beige reflective background. Sculptured bottom with slate blue weave band and olive green trim at top.

$14.99 Contemporary Floral

Wallpaper Border with Lavender, Roses, Magnolia and an Iris on light green blue and beige background. Dark beige trim.

$13.99 Framed Gerber Daisies

Wallpaper Border with Contemporary Gerber Daisies in multi colored frames with zebra background. Navy blue trim.

$12.99 Pink Roses

Wallpaper Border with Large pink roses on a dark blue marbled background. Has a gold scroll top trim and is sculptured on the bottom.
silk irises wallpaper border
$14.99 Silk Irisis

Wallpaper Border with Light Relective. Black Background. Gold floral ban at top. Sculptured bottom.

$15.99 White Hydrangeas

Wallpaper Border with Beautiful white Hydrangeas mingled with Pipberry vines on a wood shelf. Brown simulated wood trim.

$15.99 Contemporary Daisies.

Wallpaper Border with Orange and dark pink Daisies with a contemporary water color look. Pink trim.

$15.99 Contemporary Daisies.

Wallpaper Border with Pink and green Daisies with a contemporary water color look. Pink trim.

$13.99 Blue Hydrangeas.

Wallpaper Border with Beautiful blue hydrangeas on a carved stone shelf

$13.99 Colorful Zinnias.

Wallpaper Border with Red, yellow and rust Zinnias on a white background with green trim.

$15.99 Gerber Daisies.

Wallpaper Border with Blue, yellow, lavender and pink Gerber Daisies. Sculptured top and bottom.
Tye dyed sunflowers
$15.99 Gerber Daisies, tye dye.

Gerber Daisies on a multi colored tye dye background. Top and bottom trim is yellow/green.
$14.99 Dark Sunflower.

Wallpaper Border with Deep yellow Sunflowers on a background of green beige and yellow hues. There is a Ladybug, Bee, Dragonfly and Butterflies. Sculptured bottom with dark green top trim.
$14.99 Light Sunflower.

Wallpaper Border with Light Beige, Green and Yellow background with Ladybug, Bee, Dragonfly and Butterflies. Bottom is sculptured with light Brown top trim.

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