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Palm Tree Wallpaper Borders

. This large and distinctive gallery features a variety of plant and natural themes. Vine or Leaf Wallpaper Border Designs are perfect for decorating a kitchen or bath. Add a touch of nature to your walls today! Featuring plants, vines and leaves.
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Note...All patterns show full repeat!
All wallpaper borders are 15 feet long unless otherwise specified.

All border samples are 10-12 inches long. Price $2.50 includes shipping.
All Wallpaper priced per double roll bolt
All mural sizes are specified on the order page
Note....Color may vary from monitor to monitor
Click on any item below for details and ordering.

$16.99 Pine Bough.
Branches with pine cones on a soft cream colored background. Edges are a light wood tone.
inspirational garden wallpaper border
$16.99 Inspirational Garden.

Birdhouses, flowers and berries against a mustard background. Edges are burgundy.
inspirational garden wallpaper border
$16.99 Inspirational Garden.

Birdhouses, flowers and berries against a soft beige background. Edges are burgundy.
grapevine wallpaper border
$16.99 Grapevine.

Dried grapevine hung over a dark red weathered peg shelf.

$16.99 Garden.

Candles, herbs, baskets against white weathered wood with mint green edges.

$16.99 Pressed Leaves.

Leaves in shades of gray and beige on a cream background with pops of teal, slate blue and gold. Edges are gray.
pressed leaves wallpaper border
$16.99 Pressed Leaves.

Leaves in beige, light gray and green. Background is cream and beige with pops of red and muted gold.
various pine cones wallpaper border
$16.99 Pine Cones.

Various species of pine cones and pine branches.
conifer wallpaper border
$16.99 Conifer.

Branches with small pine cones on an off white background. Edges are a light wood.
conifer wallpaper border
$16.99 Conifer Pine.

Small pine cones on branches against a beige background. Edges are burgundy.
pine cone wallpaper border
$15.99 Pine Cones.

Pine Cones attached to a rope of grape vines with red berries and pine branches. Background is beige with rusty red edges.
grapevine twigs wallpaper border
$16.99 Grapevine Twigs.

This border shows a swag grapevine attached to pegs. Background is crackled wood in brown, tans, cream and taupe.
pine cones wallpaper border
$15.99 Pine Cones.

Raymond Waites design with pine cone and needle swag on a wooden background.
grape vine wallpaper border
$16.99 Grapevines.

Off white weathered peg shelf with grapevines.
garden shelf blue wallpaper border
$16.99 Garden Shelf-Blue.

A burlap bag, pitcher and glasses filled with clippings from the garden. Background is slate blue paneling. Top edge is slate blue; bottom edge is dark blue.
garden shelf wallpaper border
$16.99 Garden Shelf.

Punched tin and cast iron candle holders sit among a variety of flowers. Background is beige wood paneling.
botanical silhouettes wallpaper border
$16.99 Botanical Silhouettes.

Shades of teal, aqua, blue, cream and gray make up the silhouettes of these trees and leaves.
silhouettes wallpaper border
$16.99 Silhouettes.

Botanical silhouettes in shades of red, beige, cream, brown and green.
contemporary botanical wallpaper border
$16.99 Contemporary Botanical.

Cattails, leaves and pine cones in pale shades of green, teal, aqua, cream and beige.
botanical in aqua wallpaper border
$16.99 Botanicals in Aqua.

Cattails, leaves and pine cones in crisp aqua, teal, green and beige.
faded vine wallpaper border
$16.99 Faded Vines.

Vines, leaves and berries in muted browns, greens, yellow and red on a beige background. Edges are burgundy.
seed packets wallpaper border
$15.99 Vintage Seed Packets.

Cherry, grape, pear and strawberry seed packets on green with bottom edge die cut.
herb wallpaper border
$15.99 Herbs.

Using recycled cans to start your herb garden. Edges are blue.
gold leaves wallpaper border
$15.99 Gold Leaves.

Gold leaves on varying shades of blue. Edges are a darker blue.
cactus wallpaper border

This pattern has been discontinued. Only 5 left in stock.
blue vines and gold berries wallpaper border
$15.99 Classic Country.

Blue leaves and vines with gold berries flow across an off white background. Edges are blue.
beige leaves wallpaper border
$15.99 Scrolling Leaves.

Beige leaves in a scroll pattern on a beige, green, mustard and burgundy background.
olives wallpaper border
$15.99 Olive Branches.

Wallpaper Border with Branches full of black olives run through this border on a beige background. Edges are dark green.
birds & leaves wallpaper border
$15.99 Birds & Leaves.

Wallpaper Border with An elegant depiction of birds & leaves in shaped blocks of brown, beige, charcoal & taupe. Trim is brown.
ferns wallpaper border
$15.99 Ferns.

Wallpaper Border with A variety of ferns, leaves in shades of green beige and black on a dark red background.
green leaves wallpaper border
$15.99 Simply Leaves.

Wallpaper Border with Green leaves on a dark beige background. Light green stripes run along top and bottom of border.

$15.99 Dogwood Trees.

Wallpaper Border with Dogwood tree in bloom on a beige background with faded black trim. Border has a watercolor effect.

$15.99 Floral Collage

Wallpaper Border with a beautiful collage of flowers with red trim.
botanical leaves wallpaper border
$15.99 Botanical Leaves

Wallpaper Border with a variety of leaves in sage green and lavender on a beige background.
Adirondack pine cones wallpaper border
$16.99 Adirondack Pine Cones

a variety of multi colored pine cones on a botanical border. Red trim.
herbs in tins wallpaper border
$15.99 Herbs in Tins

herbs in old colorful cans and tins. Thyme, Basil, Rosemary, Sage and Oregano. Brown Trim
gold leaves on red wallpaper border
$15.99 Gold Leaves on Red

Wallpaper Border with Contemporary shades of red with gold leaves in gold frames. Gold Trim.
skeletal tree leaves wallpaper border
$15.99 Skeletal Tree Leaves

Wallpaper Border with An assortment of leaves from chestnut, oak, maple and red cherry trees. Sponged green trim.
green and lavender vines wallpaper border
$15.99 Vines with green and lave

nder leaves. Light green trim.

$15.99 Ivy.

Wallpaper Border with A classic ivy print.

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