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designs with Fruit and Vegetables.Country Kitchen Wallpaper Borders with pantry items, herbs, chefs and more.
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Note...All patterns show full repeat!
All wallpaper borders are 15 feet long unless otherwise specified.

All border samples are 10-12 inches long. Price $2.50 includes shipping.
All Wallpaper priced per double roll bolt
All mural sizes are specified on the order page
Note....Color may vary from monitor to monitor
Click on any item below for details and ordering.

$16.99 Sunflowers.
Sunflowers with lady bugs on the leaves on a white background with blue edge top and die cut bottom.
Scroll border
$16.99 Scroll border.
White and gray scroll on a darker gray background with black edges.

$16.99 Swag.
Black and gray fabric over wood rod with taupe background and black edges.

$16.99 Apples.
Apples against a white background.

$16.99 Rooster.
Four different roosters in beige.
cupboard shelf wallpaper border
$16.99 Cupboard Shelf.

Spices, cookbooks, apples and bears on the shelf.
just apples wallpaper border
$16.99 Just Apples.

Red apples sit on a wooden shelf, green gingham at the top.
rooster wallpaper border
$15.99 Roosters.

A flock of roosters and hens.Tan background with black edges.
farmers market wallpaper border
$15.99 Farmers Market.

An array of fruit and vegetable signs. Top and bottom edges are die cut.
country coffee shop wallpaper border
$16.99 Country Coffee.

Old time coffee essentials on a wooden shelf with rusty red edges.
roosters and hens wallpaper border
$15.99 Roosters & Hens.

A line up of roosters and hens with chicken wire in the background. Edges are gray.
berries & vines wallpaper border
$15.99 Berries & Vines.

Clumps of red berries with green vines.Edges are red with a light tan background.
old coffee shop wallpaper border
$16.99 Old Coffee Shop.

Sack of coffee beans, grinders and a tin of coffee set against a grey brick background.
coffee mugs wallpaper border
$16.99 Coffee Mugs.

A variety of coffee and mugs set against a deep red background framed with coffee beans.
sunflowers and stars wallpaper border
$16.99 Sunflowers and Stars.

Berry vines, stars and sunflowers twine around the pegs of a weathered white shelf.

$16.99 Red Apples.

A weathered shelf full of red apples. Beige background with burgundy edges.
bowls of fruit wallpaper border
$15.99 Bowls of fruit.

Baskets and bowls of fruit fill the shelf with a pitcher napkins and boxes. Top edge is wood with a blue background and die cut bottom edge.
kitchen wallpaper border
$15.99 Kitchen.

Red and cream enamelware sit on a shelf with flowers. Background is mustard with burgundy edges.
all seasons wallpaper border
$15.99 All Seasons.

Weathered green frames depicting primitive scenes in all seasons.
four seasons wallpaper border
$15.99 Seasons on the farm.

Weathered blue frames show all the seasons on the farm.
mixed drinks recipes wallpaper border
$15.99 Mixed Drinks Recipes.

Some of your favorite mixed drinks recipes printed on a weathered wood sign, blue background.
metallic fruit wallpaper border
$15.99 Metallic Fruit.

A wide variety of fruit laid out in bowls, vases and plates. Has a metallic sheen.
variety of peppers wallpaper border
$15.99 A variety of peppers.

Four different types of peppers on a white background framed in a beige crackle border. Edges are green
eight waiters wallpaper border
$15.99 Waiters.

Eight servers are ready to bring out the bubbly!
apples & berries wallpaper border
$15.99 Apples & Berries.

Blackberries, blueberries & apples hang from vines on a pale yellow background. Top edge is light blue; bottom edge is sculptured.
teacups and teapots-beige wallpaper border
$15.99 Teapots & Teacups.

Wallpaper Border with Many different teacups and teapots fill these beige shelves.
teacups and teapots-blue wallpaper border
$15.99 Antique Teacups.

Wallpaper Border with A light blue cabinet holds an assortment of antique teapots and cups.
baskets of fruit wallpaper border
$15.99 Summers Bounty.

Baskets full of flowers, apples, pears and grapes hang from a blue wooden shelf. Background is bright white, bottom edge is die cut.
clusters of grapes wallpaper border
$15.99 Clusters of grapes.

Wallpaper Border with Vines and grape clusters hang from this border. Background is cream, bottom edge is die cut.
country kitchen signs wallpaper border
$16.99 Kitchen Signs.

A delightful array of country kitchen signs in red, black, caramel, white and tan. Bottom is die cut.
kitchen signs wallpaper border
$16.99 Country Kitchen Signs.

Perfect border for a country kitchen in the most popular colors of red, caramel, black, white and taupe. Bottom is die cut.
delightful chef wallpaper border
$16.99 Italian Chefs.

Wallpaper Border with Red and pumpkin background with black edges. These delightful chefs will lighten up any kitchen.
roosters on mustard wallpaper border
$15.99 Country Roosters.

Wallpaper Border with Roosters and stars on a crackled mustard background with burgundy and black edges.
canning wallpaper border

This pattern has been discontinued. Only 1 left in stock.
fruit wallpaper border
$15.99 Fruit Border.

Wallpaper Border with Grapes and plums trail on a stone wall. Top edge is green and brown, bottom edge is die cut.
blue basket wallpaper border
$15.99 Blue Basket Border.

Wallpaper Border with Combination of grapes and roses in baskets. Top edge is slate blue, bottom edge is die cut.
a swan and hatboxes wallpaper border
$15.99 Country Collections.

All things country sit atop a wooden shelf. Edge is black with an off white background.
live dream cherish plates wallpaper border
$16.99 Cherish, Dream, Live.

Array of county/folk art items including stars, candles, pip berries, baskets, rag balls, decorative plates and sheep.
rooster and hen on red wallpaper border
$16.99 Rooster & Hen.

A rooster, a hen, sunflowers and country signs all on a red background.
olives wallpaper border
$15.99 Olive Branches.

Wallpaper Border with Branches full of black olives run through this border on a beige background. Edges are dark green.

$15.99 Canning Jars.

Border depicts canning jars in various colors on a wooden shelf.
wine wallpaper border
$16.99 Wine Bottles.

Wallpaper Border with Wine tasting here. Wine bottles in shades of dark red, black, white, gray and gold. Edges are black.
vintage coffee house ads wallpaper border
$15.99 Coffee Ads.

Wallpaper Border with Vintage coffee house ads on backgrounds of cream, burgundy and black.
candles, apples hatboxes-blue wallpaper border
$15.99 Country Kitchen.

Candles, hatboxes, bucket of berries, bowl of apples and a pitcher of ivy sit atop a quilted runner.
candles, apples hatboxes-green wallpaper border
$15.99 Country Kitchen.

Candles, hatboxes, bucket of berries, bowl of apples and a pitcher of ivy sit atop a quilted runner.
red barn stars wallpaper border
$16.99 Rustic Barn Stars.

Red stars and red berries hang from a dark weathered shelf. Background is a beige weathered wood.
patchwork potholders wallpaper border
$15.99 Patchwork Potholders.

Four potholders hang from a branch on a cream background. Bottom is die cut
stoneware wallpaper border
$16.99 Stoneware.

Various shapes and sizes of stoneware decorate a shelf. Background is an off white, trim is light burgundy.
black stars and hearts on weathered gray wallpaper border
$16.99 Faith, Hope, Love.

Black stars and hearts intertwined with pip berries on a gray weathered wood background. Hope, Faith & Love written in red. Trim is black.
a variety of barns on black wood wallpaper border
$16.99 Quiet Country Days.

Various barn scenes on a black weathered wood background.
black stars on weathered gray wallpaper border
$16.99 Rustic Barn Stars.

Black stars and red berries hang from a black weathered shelf. Background is a gray weathered wood.
black stars on weathered beige wallpaper border
$16.99 Rustic Barn Stars.

Black stars and red berries hang from a dark weathered shelf. Background is a beige weathered wood.
winter berries on weathered gray wallpaper border
$16.99 Winter-berry Branches.

Winter-berry branches on grey weathered wood. Trim is black.
winterberry branches on beige wallpaper border
$16.99 Winter-berry Branches.

Winter-berry branches on beige weathered wood. Trim is black.
antique dishes wallpaper border
$15.99 Old China on Shelves.

Antique Dishes.
country kitchen counter wallpaper border
$15.99 Country Kitchen Counter.

Canned goods, pitcher with wildflowers, wooden pails and fruit on a wooden counter. Cream background with beige trim.
kitchen necessitates-burgundy wallpaper border
$15.99 Hanging Kitchen Items.

Dish towels, pot holders, herbs, wooden spoons, dish pan, colander, ladle and cup hanging from S hooks. Burgundy background, sculptured bottom.
kitchen necessitates-olive green wallpaper border
$15.99 Hanging Kitchen Items

Dish towels, pot holders, herbs, wooden spoons, dish pan, colander, ladle and cup hanging from S hooks. Olive green background, sculptured bottom.
sculptured apples wallpaper border
$15.99 Sculptured Apples

Wallpaper Border with Red and Yellow apples on a red background. Top edge is weathered wood, bottom is sculptured.
tomatoes olives and mozzarella wallpaper border
$15.99 Entertaining with Friends

. Pictures of tomatoes, mozzarella, olives and olive oil on a deep red background
kitchen necessitates-white wallpaper border
$15.99 Kitchen Necessities.

Variety of kitchen essentials hanging from a rack
sunflowers and roosters wallpaper border
$15.99 Sunflowers and Roosters.

A variety of sunflowers and whimsical roosters. This border is sculpted at the bottom.
international cookbooks wallpaper border

This pattern has been discontinued. Only 9 left in stock.
condiments wallpaper border
$15.99 Antique Condiments.

Wallpaper Border with A variety of antique condiments including honey, olive oil, strawberry preserves, vinegar, and many more. This border is sculpted at the bottom.
primitive welcome wallpaper border
$16.99 Primitive Welcome.

Stars, berries, and vine surrounding the Welcoming Pineapple on a wood shelf.
rooster and hen on beige wallpaper border
$16.99 Rooster and Hen.

A rooster, hen, sunflowers, basket of eggs, stars, berries, and country signs
mixed drinks wallpaper border
$15.99 Mixed Drinks

Wallpaper Border with Colorful border with recipes for a Whiskey Sour, Cosmopolitan, Martini, Margarita and Strawberry Daiquiri. Red trim.
warm family phrases wallpaper border
$16.99 Warm Family Phrases

frames, stars, plates and baskets of pip berries all with family phrases. White washed background.
family phrases wallpaper border
$16.99 Family Phrases

frames, stars, plates and baskets of pip berries all with family phrases. Dark multi beige background. Top trim is burgundy, bottom trim is brown.
primitive swan wallpaper border
$15.99 Primitive Swan

Wallpaper Border with Beautiful wood swan on a shelf with pip berry vines, stars and a wood bucket of apples. Simulated cherry wood background. Black trim.
antique clay jars wallpaper border
$15.99 Clay Jars

a variety of decorative antique clay jars. Beige background with simulated wood trim.
apples and stars wallpaper border
$15.99 Apples and Stars

Wallpaper Border with Delicious apples with stars and vines. Light beige background with dark beige speckles. Dark blue trim.
antique canned goods wallpaper border
$7.99 Antique Canned Goods

old corked bottles of vinegar and oils. Jars of honey and canned foods. Beige wood look top trim. Sculptured Bottom. THIS ITEM IS NOW ON CLEARANCE, $7.99!!!
hanging hearts-green pegs wallpaper border
$15.99 Hanging Hearts-Green Pegs

colorful hanging hearts with expression on a light beige background. Sage Green wood peg top trim.
herbs in tins wallpaper border
$15.99 Herbs in Tins

herbs in old colorful cans and tins. Thyme, Basil, Rosemary, Sage and Oregano. Brown Trim
chili peppers wallpaper border
$15.99 Chili Peppers

Wallpaper Border with A bunch of hot red chili peppers on a navy blue background. Green and yellow weave trim.
friendship signs wallpaper border
$16.99 Friendship Signs

Signs with Laugh, Family, Love, Faith, Live and Friends. Black Trim.
decorative china cabinet wallpaper border
$15.99 Country China

Decorative china country cabinet shelves. Sculptured at top.
girls night out wallpaper border
$15.99 Girls Night Out

Wallpaper Border with Girls in a cafe at the bar. Dark brown trim.
porcelain teacups wallpaper border
$15.99 Hanging porcelain tea cup

s and pot with beautiful red and white roses. Dark Beige Trim.
coffee shop and bakery ads wallpaper border
$15.99 Advertisements for coffee

shop, bakery, and fromagerif. Golden Scroll with green trim.
coffee-red wallpaper border
$15.99 Coffee

Wallpaper Border with gourmet cups of coffee on a red background.
framed roosters wallpaper border
$15.99 Roosters

Framed Roosters. Limited Quantities.
primitive village wallpaper border
$16.99 Primitive Village

Wallpaper Border with Miniature primitive houses on a shelf with vines and berries. Light wood panel background. This item is discontinued only 14 left!!!
red pottery wallpaper border
$15.99 Red Clay Pots

A variety of red pottery on a wooden shelf with leaves and berries. Black Trim.
decorated stoneware wallpaper border
$15.99 Decorated Stoneware

A variety of stoneware with beautiful designs. Horses, Trees, Birds, etc. Black Trim.
decorative plates wallpaper border
$16.99 Decorative Plates.

A variety of plates, each with a different saying, displayed on a shelf with a candle and flowers. Light background with black trim.
barn scene-burgundy wallpaper border
$16.99 Barn Scenes.

A variety of five beautiful barns in red frames.
roosters & stars wallpaper border
$15.99 Roosters and Stars.

Rust red stars separating roosters on a yellowish crackled background with black and checked trim.
greeting signs wallpaper border
$16.99 Greeting Signs.

Primitive phrases on signs. Carmel background with a burgundy trim.
apples in baskets wallpaper border
$16.99 Apples in Baskets.

Apples that look real enough to eat. A coal oil lamp and a jar or Cinnamon sticks add to the warmth of this border. Butterscotch background. Red top trim and brown bottom trim.
expressions wallpaper border
$16.99 Expressions.

Home sweet home, amazing grace, welcome friends, and give thanks expression signs with a die cut trim
Country Church wallpaper border
$16.99 Church with Caption.

Wallpaper Border with A folk art village with a church. Burgundy/rust trim.

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