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Gallery. Colorful and unique, these designs reflect many tastes and styles. Some of our best sellers are among our novelty wallpaper borders from Poker hands to John Deere Tractors we know you will find what you are looking for in this unique and special gallery.
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Note...All patterns show full repeat!
All wallpaper borders are 15 feet long unless otherwise specified.

All border samples are 10-12 inches long. Price $2.50 includes shipping.
All Wallpaper priced per double roll bolt
All mural sizes are specified on the order page
Note....Color may vary from monitor to monitor
Click on any item below for details and ordering.

$16.99 Village.
European village shops along the roadside.

$16.99 Space.
Planets, space ships, and stars on a black border with black edges.

$16.99 Spongebob.
Spongebob and Patrick riding a skateboard and tricycle with blue edges.

$16.99 Guitars.
White and gray guitars with people in the background and the background is dark and light tan.

$16.99 Spiderman.
Spiderman flying on webstrings on a black city background.

$16.99 Music.
Different guitars on a tan background with people in the background.

$16.99 Music.
Orange and white guitars on a brown and black background with shadowed people in the background.

$16.99 Pirate.
Pirates, treasure, and ship on a light and dark tan background.

$16.99 Pirate.
Pirates, treasure, compass, and ship on a light gray background with black edges.

$16.99 Pirate.
Pirate with treasure and ship, black edges on light and dark tan background.

$16.99 Pirate.
Pirates, treasure, and ship on dark tan background with brown edges.

$16.99 Pirate.
Pirate signs in black, maroon, and gray with black edges.

$16.99 Batman.
Action batman on gray and black background.

$16.99 Batman.
Action batman on a gray/white background.


This pattern has been discontinued. Only 9 left in stock.
welcome wallpaper border
$16.99 Welcome.

Blocks with welcome family & friends surrounded by berries stars and a pineapple.
rural route wallpaper border
$16.99 Rural Route.

Red barns and white farmhouses dot the landscape.
peaceful homestead wallpaper border
$16.99 Peaceful Homestead.

Soft gray skies at the farm. Edges are black and a soft gray.
peaceful homestead wallpaper border
$16.99 Peaceful Homestead.

Bright blue skies at the homestead.
welcome wallpaper border
$16.99 Welcome.

Off white welcome sign with glimpses of the farm house.
welcome wallpaper border
$16.99 Welcome.

Red sign with peeks at the farmhouse behind.

$16.99 Garden.

Candles, herbs, baskets against white weathered wood with mint green edges.
country quotes wallpaper border
$16.99 Country Quotes.

Quotes in shades of gray, cream, light green and a darker yellow.
up in the treetops wallpaper border
$16.99 Up in the treetops.

Monkeys and birds in the treetops.
in the canopy wallpaper border
$16.99 In the canopy.

Birds and monkeys play in the canopy.
monkey and bird wallpaper border
$16.99 In the treetops.

Monkeys and birds play among the trees.
100 million years ago wallpaper border
$16.99 100 Million Years Ago.

When dinosaurs roamed the earth.
dinosaurs wallpaper border
$16.99 Dinosaurs.

Many different dinosaurs roam the landscape.
pirate flag wallpaper border
$16.99 Pirate Flag.

Three different pirate flags on a cream and gray background.
skull & crossbones wallpaper border
$16.99 Skull & Crossbones.

Pirate flags on a light gray background.
main street wallpaper border
$16.99 Main Street.

Traffic along the main street of a big city.
city life wallpaper border
$16.99 Big City.
Traffic in the big city.
small town wallpaper border
$16.99 Small Town.

Traffic seen in small towns.
traffic wallpaper border
$16.99 Traffic.

Traffic in small town USA.
toe shoes and tutus wallpaper border
$16.99 Toe Shoes & Tutus.

Pink tutus and toe shoes hang on the wall.
tutus and toe shoes wallpaper border
$16.99 Tutus & Toe Shoes.

Pink toe shoes and purple tutus hang along the wall.
city of lights wallpaper border
$16.99 City of Lights.

Phrases associated with the city of lights in gold, silver and black.
paris girl wallpaper border
$16.99 Paris Girl.

Hearts, Eiffel Tower and phrases in teal, gold and pink.
tres chic wallpaper border
$16.99 Tres Chic.

Pink, silver and black images and phrases associated with Paris.

$16.99 Pressed Leaves.

Leaves in shades of gray and beige on a cream background with pops of teal, slate blue and gold. Edges are gray.
pressed leaves wallpaper border
$16.99 Pressed Leaves.

Leaves in beige, light gray and green. Background is cream and beige with pops of red and muted gold.
wilderness signs wallpaper border
$16.99 Wilderness.

Wooden signs in reds, browns and a soft yellow depicting various wildlife.
blue wilderness wallpaper border
$16.99 Blue Wilderness.

Signs in blue, beige and green depicting scenes of the great outdoors.
pink mossy oak wallpaper border
$16.99 Mossy Oak.

Mossy oak pattern on a pink background.
marvel comic books wallpaper border
$16.99 Marvel Comics.

Various Marvel comic book covers.
vintage planes wallpaper border
$16.99 Vintage Planes.

Vintage planes soar across a bright blue sky. Edges are blue.
construction wallpaper border
$16.99 Construction.

Construction crews work on the new roadway. Edges are black.
construction crew wallpaper border
$16.99 Construction Crew.

The crew starts work. Edges are black.
robot ads wallpaper border
$16.99 Robot Ads.

These have the vintage 50's feel in black and gray with pops of red and yellow.
vintage robot poster wallpaper border
$16.99 Vintage Posters.

Ads for robots have a vintage feel in blue, orange, red and yellow.
french street wallpaper border
$16.99 Streets of France.

Shops along the streets of France. Shades of purple, pink, teal and green. Edges are pink
paris street wallpaper border
$16.99 Paris Street.

A walk among the shops in Paris. Edges are black.
Parisian street wallpaper border
$16.99 Parisian Street.

Strolling through the shops in Paris. Shades of aqua, red and light green with gray edges.
robot poster wallpaper border
$16.99 Vintage Robots.

Variety of vintage robot posters in blue, gray, black and green.
the great outdoors wallpaper border
$15.99 The Great Outdoors.

Wild animals in the wilderness.
rock concert wallpaper border
$16.99 Rock Concert.

The crowd at a concert with guitars in the foreground in shades of red, silver, black and white. Edges are red.
animal print wallpaper border

This pattern has been discontinued. Only 3 left in stock.
map wallpaper border

This pattern has been discontinued. Only 2 left in stock.
images of camping wallpaper border
$15.99 Camping & Canoeing.

Variety of camping and canoeing in shades of aqua, blue, green, white and beige.
antique toys wallpaper border
$15.99 Antique Toys.

An old rocking horse, teddy bear, tricycle, blocks, top and ball against a beige background with blue edges.
blooming backyard wallpaper border
$16.99 Backyard in bloom.

Flower garden with planting paraphernalia and an old bike leaning against the fence. Edges are green. THIS ITEM IS NOW ON CLEARANCE, $7.99!!!
religious wallpaper border
$15.99 Religious Border.

Depicts Mary, Joseph and the three wise men at the manger.
religious wallpaper border
$15.99 Religious Border.

Shows the infant Jesus with Mary, Joseph and the Three Wise Men. Edges are brown with a rusty red background.
mythical creatures wallpaper border
$15.99 Mythical Creatures.

A Unicorn and Pegasus play among the clouds. Top and bottom edges are light pink.
country quotes wallpaper border
$16.99 Country Quotes.

Home, love and hope country quotes make up this border in shades of taupe and tan. Edges are a dark taupe.
perfume bottles wallpaper border
$15.99 Six Perfume Bottles.

Perfume bottles on a shelf of teal. Top edge is teal, bottom edge is die cut.
shark wallpaper border
$15.99 Sharks.

Great White, Shortfin, Mako and Hammerhead sharks in shades of black, gray and white.

$15.99 Plaid Border.

this border will go with any decor! Colors are black, brown, gold and beige. Edges are black.

$15.99 Spools of thread.

Wooden spools of thread with needle and thimble. Beige background with blue edges.
wooden spools of thread wallpaper border
$15.99 Wooden spools of thread.

Happy lil border to spruce up your sewing room. Red edges.
sewing room wallpaper border
$15.99 Sewing Room.

Spools of thread with needle and thimble. Cream background with green edges.
don't lose hope wallpaper border
$16.99 Don't Lose Hope.

Off-white background with positive phrases in shades of blue, cream and teal. Edges are blue.
all you need is love wallpaper border
$16.99 All you need is love.

Uplifting phrases in shades of orange, cream, aqua and beige. Edges are a deep red.
welcome wallpaper border
$16.99 Welcome.

Weathered wood sign with a burgundy star. Lettering is cut away to show the landscape behind.
escape in nature wallpaper border
$16.99 Escape in Nature.

Depicts various sights seen while camping. Soft shades of green, beige, teal and red.
deer camp wallpaper border
$16.99 Deer Camp.

Various images that can be seen while camping. Muted shades of beige, brown, green, teal and red.
dj wallpaper border
$16.99 Dj.

Equipment for a dj on a slate gray background. Black edges.
lavender butterfly wallpaper border
$16.99 Lavender Butterfly.

Butterflies in shades of lavender over a white background and green scrolls. Edges are lavender.
give thanks wallpaper border
$16.99 Give Thanks.

Primitive wood signs with phrases of thankfulness. Top edge is green - bottom edge is die cut.
pine cone wallpaper border
$16.99 Pine Branches.

Branches filled with pine cones. Beige background with edges that look like wood.
seed packets wallpaper border
$15.99 Vintage Seed Packets.

Cherry, grape, pear and strawberry seed packets on green with bottom edge die cut.
hidden bucks wallpaper border
$16.99 Hidden Bucks.

Bucks hidden within the foliage.
camo wallpaper border
$16.99 Die cut camo.

Real tree camo - top edge looks like bark; bottom edge is die cut.
fire trucks wallpaper border
$15.99 Fire Trucks.

All kinds of fire trucks on a blue background. Edges are fir engine red.
mixed drinks recipes wallpaper border
$15.99 Mixed Drinks Recipes.

Some of your favorite mixed drinks recipes printed on a weathered wood sign, blue background.
Victorian shoes wallpaper border
$15.99 Victorian Shoes.

Four styles of Victorian era shoes set atop hatboxes.Top and bottom edges are burgundy with gold accents.
masculine plaid wallpaper border
$15.99 Masculine Plaid.

Plaid pattern in blues and beige.
jackpot wallpaper border

This pattern has been discontinued. Only 5 left in stock.
patchwork hearts and stars wallpaper border
$16.99 Homespun Swag.

Patchwork stars and hearts hang from a light wood shelf.
cactus wallpaper border

This pattern has been discontinued. Only 5 left in stock.
watering cans wallpaper border
$15.99 Watering Cans.

Bright pink, green and white watering cans sit on a shelf with flowers. Background is black.
Cherub Wallpaper Border
$15.99 Cherubs.

A teal background with a darker teal frame around two cherubs.
Silver and blue butterflies on an aqua background. Edges are a dark aqua.
$15.99 Blue Butterflies.

Silver and blue butterflies on an aqua background. Edges are a dark aqua.
Teal and silver butterflies
$15.99 Teal Butterflies.

Teal and silver butterflies on a soft lime green background. Edges are teal.
Indians and horses wallpaper border
$15.99 Indians & Horses.

Indians and their horses on the plains. Edges are brown.
spiderman wallpaper border
$16.99 Spiderman.

Wallpaper Border with Spiderman travels through the city on his web.
teacups and teapots-beige wallpaper border
$15.99 Teapots & Teacups.

Wallpaper Border with Many different teacups and teapots fill these beige shelves.
teacups and teapots-blue wallpaper border
$15.99 Antique Teacups.

Wallpaper Border with A light blue cabinet holds an assortment of antique teapots and cups.
tennis shoes on black wallpaper border
$16.99 Tennis Shoes.

Wallpaper Border with Cool tennis shoe border in gray, red, black and beige. Background is black.
tennis shoes on aqua wallpaper border
$16.99 Tennis Shoes.

Wallpaper Border with A variety of shoes in hot colors such as lime green, bright orange, lavender, aqua and hot pink. Background is aqua while edges are hot pink.
tennis shoes on pink wallpaper border
$16.99 Tennis Shoes.

Wallpaper Border with Hot new colors in tennis shoes showing aqua, lime green, hot pink, lavender and bright orange. Border has a pink background with darker pink trim.
indy cars wallpaper border
$15.99 Indy Cars.

Wallpaper Border with The pit crew readies the cars for the race! Edges are blue.
fishing at the lake wallpaper border
$15.99 Fishing at the lake.

Bass and blue gill swim just out of reach of the fisherman's line. Bottom edge is green.
tin hearts
$15.99 Tin Hearts.

Wallpaper Border with Metal hearts hang against a light green and off white background. Light pink flowering vines wind through the pattern.
oriental wallpaper border
$15.99 Oriental.

Wallpaper Border with This oriental pattern is in shades of black, gold, gray and white. Edges are black.
blue and black corvettes wallpaper border
$16.99 Corvette Road Trip.

Wallpaper Border with This border has a beige map background with blue and black corvettes. Edges are black.
red and white corvettes wallpaper border
$16.99 Corvette Road Trip.

Wallpaper Border with Red and white corvettes on a beige background.
delightful chef wallpaper border
$16.99 Italian Chefs.

Wallpaper Border with Red and pumpkin background with black edges. These delightful chefs will lighten up any kitchen.
surfboards wallpaper border
$15.99 Surf Boards.

Wallpaper Border with Boards all lined up ready for the waves. In bright summer colors. Background is blue and brown.
garden signs wallpaper border
$7.99 Garden Signs.

Wallpaper Border with Gardening signs in shades of burgundy, green, beige and white. Bottom edge is sculptured, top edge is burgundy. THIS ITEM IS ON CLEARANCE, $7.99!!!
lion wallpaper border
$15.99 Lions.

The king of the jungle lays on the savannah.
seed packet wallpaper border

This pattern has been discontinued. Only 1 left in stock.
ducks wallpaper border
$15.99 Ducks in flight.

Wallpaper Border with Ducks fly above the water with fall foliage in the background.
pirate flags and treasure maps wallpaper border
$16.99 Pirate Flag.

Wallpaper Border with Treasure maps and pirate flags roped together to make up this border.Shades of brown and black. Bottom edge is sculptured.

$15.99 Boxers.

Wallpaper Border with Boxer shorts hanging from the line in an array of bright colors.
gold branch on vibrant red wallpaper border
$15.99 Contemporary Border.

Wallpaper Border with Rich and elegant border in shades of red with a gold branch flowing through.
wine wallpaper border
$16.99 Wine Bottles.

Wallpaper Border with Wine tasting here. Wine bottles in shades of dark red, black, white, gray and gold. Edges are black.
sun/moon wallpaper border
$15.99 Sun/Moon

Wallpaper Border with Man in the moon/sun in shades of blue and gold.
hunters dream wallpaper border
$15.99 Hunters Dream

Wallpaper Border with Rustic border with bear deer moose and mallards.
array of jazz signs wallpaper border
$15.99 Anyone for Jazz?

Wallpaper Border with Sculptured top and bottom with a dazzling array of jazz signs in shades of red green rust and beige.
vintage airplanes wallpaper border
$15.99 Vintage Planes.

Wallpaper Border with Vintage planes on a background of clouds. Peel, stick, remove & reposition.
black and silver zebra print wallpaper border
$15.99 Silver & Black Zebra.

summer flowers and fruits wallpaper border
$15.99 Summer Flowers & Fruit.

Wallpaper Border with Containers holding beautiful summer flowers with in season fruit rests on a blue shelf. Background has shades of beige.
wishing wells wallpaper border
$15.99 Wishing Wells.

Wallpaper Border with Four different wishing wells framed in ivy on a cream background . Trim is dark green.
in the garden-green edges wallpaper border
$15.99 In the garden.

Wallpaper Border with Birdhouses and unusual planters in the garden. Off white background with dark green trim.
in the garden-brown edges wallpaper border
$15.99 In the garden.

Wallpaper Border with Birdhouses and unusual planters in the garden. Cream background with dark brown trim.
patchwork stars-green wallpaper border

This pattern has been discontinued. Only 1 left in stock.
clothespin wallpaper border
$16.99 Clothespins.

Vines, Berries and clothespins intertwined on a white background. Green trim.
whitetail deer wallpaper border
$16.99 Whitetail Deer.

Wallpaper Border with Whitetail deer stand in a small clearing outside of a pine forest. Trim is green.
wolves-wood trim wallpaper border
$16.99 Wolves.

Wallpaper Border with A pack of wolves run through the snow. Trim has a wood look.
lakeside retreat wallpaper border
$16.99 Lakeside Retreat.

Pictures of wild game hang in wooden frames along with wooden plaques on a stone background.
geometric wallpaper border
$15.99 Geometric Design.

Wallpaper Border with Background is beige, tan, gray and silver with geometric designs in black. Trim is dark gray.
first responder wallpaper border
$15.99 First Responders.

Wallpaper Border with Police, fire and ambulance on the road, blue sky in background. Trim is a dark blue.
shoes wallpaper border
$15.99 Shoes.

Wallpaper Border with Victorian era shoes perched atop hatboxes. Background is beige while trim is a deep purple.
patchwork design wallpaper border
$15.99 Patchwork Design.

Wallpaper Border with Patchwork of different patterns, roses, musical notes and phrases. Trim is a light maroon.
stoneware wallpaper border
$16.99 Stoneware.

Various shapes and sizes of stoneware decorate a shelf. Background is an off white, trim is light burgundy.
homespun swag wallpaper border
$16.99 Homespun Swag.

Quilted hearts and stars hang from a wooden shelf. Background is an off-white while top and bottom trim is a medium wood tone.
a variety of barns on black wood wallpaper border
$16.99 Quiet Country Days.

Various barn scenes on a black weathered wood background.

$16.99 Real Tree.

Wallpaper Border with Real Tree camo border, trim at top and bottom look like branches.
leopard in a tree wallpaper border
$7.99 Leopard in a tree.

Wallpaper Border with A leopard laying in a tree surrounded by birds and monkeys. Sky blue background with dark green trim. ITEM IS NOW ON CLEARANCE, $7.99!!!
black and white classics wallpaper border
$15.99 Black & White Classics.

Wallpaper Border with James Cagney, Bette Davis, Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers & Rita Hayworth displayed on film strip.

$15.99 Dogwood Trees.

Wallpaper Border with Dogwood tree in bloom on a beige background with faded black trim. Border has a watercolor effect.
african safari wallpaper border
$15.99 African Safari

Wallpaper Border with Elephants, giraffe, zebra and gazelle in the wilds of Africa. Sage green trim.
all about gardening wallpaper border
$7.99 All about gardening.

Wallpaper Border with Birds, bird houses, flowers, fruit, watering can, trowel, gloves, pump and hat on a cream background. Dark blue trim. THIS ITEM IS NOW ON CLEARANCE, $7.99!!!
rustic lodge signs wallpaper border
$15.99 Rustic Lodge Signs

Signs for fishing, cabins, camp sites, canoes, boats, bait and the tack shop on a deep red background. Top and bottom are die cut.
heavenly music wallpaper border

This pattern has been discontinued. Only 1 left in stock.
tomatoes olives and mozzarella wallpaper border
$15.99 Entertaining with Friends

. Pictures of tomatoes, mozzarella, olives and olive oil on a deep red background
skateboards on blue wallpaper border
$15.99 Skateboards.

Wallpaper Border with Multi colored skateboards on a blue background
poker hands and chips wallpaper border
$15.99 Ante Up.

Wallpaper Border with A variety of poker hands and chips laying on a poker table.
real tree camo wallpaper border
$16.99 Real Tree.

Wallpaper Border with Real tree camouflage
computer world wallpaper world
$15.99 Computer World

Wallpaper Border with brightly colored computer equipment.
flamingo wallpaper border
$15.99 Pink Flamingos

Wallpaper Border with Standing on plant like bases. Light teal background with dark teal trim. Six poses of pink flamingos.
monkey and parrots wallpaper border
$15.99 Tropical Scene

Wallpaper Border with A monkey and parrots amongst tropical plants. Black background with a brownish green bamboo like trim.
mixed drinks wallpaper border
$15.99 Mixed Drinks

Wallpaper Border with Colorful border with recipes for a Whiskey Sour, Cosmopolitan, Martini, Margarita and Strawberry Daiquiri. Red trim.
variety of bath signs wallpaper border
$16.99 Oldtime Bath Ads.

Wallpaper Border with A variety of bath signs on a beige background with stars and berries. Rust trim on top with a beige design, die cut along bottom.
american choppers wallpaper border
$15.99 American Chopper.

Wallpaper Border with A variety of Bikes featured on the famous American Choppers. Full repeat shown only in enlargement.
girls night out wallpaper border
$15.99 Girls Night Out

Wallpaper Border with Girls in a cafe at the bar. Dark brown trim.
collage of guitars wallpaper border

This pattern has been discontinued. Only 1 left in stock.
a variety of poker hands wallpaper border
$15.99 Variety of Poker Hands

Wallpaper Border with Full house, royal flush, four of a kind and a straight. Red background and yellow-brown trim.
military machinery wallpaper border
$15.99 Military Machinery. Dark

gray trim at bottom, blue trim on top.
bamboo wallpaper border
$15.99 Bamboo design.

Wallpaper Border with Asian bamboo design on a deep red background
solar system wallpaper border
$16.99 Solar System

Wallpaper Border with the solar system on a black background.
coffee-red wallpaper border
$15.99 Coffee

Wallpaper Border with gourmet cups of coffee on a red background.
movie night wallpaper border
$15.99 Movie Night.

Wallpaper Border with Nostalgic movie items on a beige background.
Ohio State Buckeyes wallpaper border
$16.99 Buckeyes.

Wallpaper Border with Ohio State Buckeyes. White background with red and white stripe trim.
greeting signs wallpaper border
$16.99 Greeting Signs.

Primitive phrases on signs. Carmel background with a burgundy trim.
poker hands wallpaper border
$15.99 Poker Hands on Green.

Wallpaper Border with A variety of poker hands on a green poker table background.
martinis wallpaper border
$16.99 Martinis.

Wallpaper Border with Martini glasses on a white back ground with black trim

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