Pricing Hints and tips

Our pricing policies

A Double Roll is indeed just what it says. It is a prepackaged bolt of wallpaper. In the old days, wallpaper was physically sold in single roll bolts (Aprox. 16 ft. in length) . Today the single package of wallcovering you purchase is equivalent to two single rolls,thus double roll (Aprox. 32' in length).

Here is the catch however; the pricing structure has never changed. The manufacturers on the wholesale level, still price the retailer per single roll. Therefore, most retailers price per single roll also and then have to double the price at the point of sale because the customer is actually purchasing a double roll bolt. Our prices are per double roll bolt. When you are shopping for wallpaper always note if the price is per double roll or single roll. If priced per single roll the actual roll you purchase will be double that price.